Revell vintage Great Eastern – 1/388 scale

Revell Great Eastern – First of the Great Steamships

  •  1980 Revell
  • 584 mm long when built
  • Scale 1/388
  • Build hours: 115
  • Painting hours: 22

The Kit

Very hard to find vintage 1980 Revell (USA).  Used, not started, very fortunate find for such a rare kit. The starboard hull was broken in a couple if places and any missing parts were scratch built along with 2 small decks adjacent to the paddle shrouds. Very nice detail and a rather large model considering it is in 1/388 scale. I researched colour schemes, and found quite a few variations. I eventually settled for a simple black hull, the usual red lead lower hull with a single white line at the waterline


The Great Eastern (originally Leviathan) was the work of English mechanical and civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel,  She was one of a very few ships constructed with five funnels


She was launched in 1857 and was five times bigger than any other ship of the day! The 22,500 ton Great Eastern was 693 feet long and carried 4000 passenger.

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Unfortunately, her career was one mishap after another until she found fame by laying the trans-Atlantic cable. The conversion work for Great Eastern’s new role included the removal of funnel number four, some boilers and large parts of the passenger rooms, giving way to open top tanks for the coiled cable. The finished model depicts the great ship as she was after the conversion.

The ship In detail


At the end of her cable-laying career she was refitted once again as a liner but once again efforts to make her a commercial success failed.

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Great Eastern finished her life as a floating music hall and advertising hoarding (for the famous department store Lewis’s) in Liverpool, She was scrapped at New Ferry on the River Mersey  in 1889 – it took 18 months to take her apart.


Lindberg – 1/96 Fulton’s Clermont Paddle Wheel Steamer

Fulton’s Clermont Paddle Wheel Steamer
By Lindberg  – Scale 1/96

  • Length: 475mm
  • Build time:70 hours
  • paint time: 25hours

My first Linberg kit,

The North River Steamboat or North River (often erroneously referred to as Clermont) is widely regarded as the world’s first vessel to demonstrate the viability of using steam propulsion for commercial water transportation.


Built in 1807, the North River Steamboat operated on the Hudson River (at that time often known as the North River) between New York and Albany. She was built by the wealthy investor and politician Robert Livingston and inventor and entrepreneur Robert Fulton (1765–1815).

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Revell  R.M.S. Titanic – Scale 1/400

100th anniversary edition

  • length 69.2cm
  • height 27.7cm
  • 262 parts
  • Scale 1/400
  • Build Time 250 hours
  • Painting Time 70 hours

The keel of the Titanic was laid on 31st March 1909, she would be fitted out to the highest levels of elegance and luxury for the period. Titanic was intended to become the jewel in the crown of the White Star Line’s prestigious transatlantic service

Two years later, on 31st May 1911 Titanic was launched at about 15 minutes after noon. With a length of 269,04 m, a beam of 28,19 m and a gross registered tonnage of 46,329 GRT, she was bigger than any ship ever built before and by 1912 was recognised as the largest ship in the world. 


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Titanic’s maiden voyage: began on Wednesday 10th April 1912 when she set out from Southampton for New York.

Fateful evening: On Sunday 14th April at about 23.40 hours (ship’s time), the look-out bell sounded  iceberg warnings. The ship brushed an iceberg on her starboard side and sank two hours and forty minutes after the collision in the icy waters of the Atlantic. Only 712 people survived the catastrophe and Captain Smith went down with his ship.

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Airfix Classic Ships Great Western Paddle Steamer

Airfix – Scale 1/180

Great Western - 4

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