Ford A-Type Flathead – 1/16 scale


  • Brand: Minicraft
  • Model; A-Type Sedan
  • Ref Number: 11232
  • Scale: 1:16
  • Released:  2000

The Ford flathead V8 (often called simply the Ford flathead, flathead Ford, or flatty when the context is implicit, such as in hot-rodding) is a V8 engine of the valve-in-block type designed by the Ford Motor Company and built by Ford and various licensees. During the engine’s first decade of production, when overhead-valve engines were rare, it was usually known simply as the Ford V‑8, and the first car model in which it was installed, the Model 18, was (and still is) often called simply the “Ford V8”, after its new engine.

One of the 10 best engines of the 20th century

It was the first independently designed and built V8 engineproduced by Ford for mass production, and it ranks asone of thecompany’s most important developments. A fascination withever-more-powerful engines was perhaps the most salient aspect of theAmerican car and truck market for a half century, from 1923 until 1973.
The Ford flathead V8 was perfectly in tune with the culturalmoment of its introduction, leading the way into a future of whichthe Ford company was a principal architect. Thus it became aphenomenal success.The engine design, with various changes but nomajor ones, was installed in Ford passenger cars and trucks until1953, making the engine’s 21-year production run for the U.S.consumer market longer than the 19-year run of the Ford Model Tengine for that market. The engine was on Ward’s list of the 10 bestengines of the 20th century. It was a staple of hot rodders in the1950s, and it remains famous in the classic car hobbies even today, despite the huge variety of other popular V8s that followed.

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