SuperVette The Classic ’63 Corvette Stingray – Scale 1/16

  • Brand: MPC
  • Title: SuperVette The original classic ’63 Corvette Stingray
  • Number: 1-3056
  • Scale: 1:16
  • Released: 1977


Exterior styling

The 1963 Sting Ray production car’s lineage can be traced to two
separate GM projects: the Q-Corvette, and perhaps more directly,
Mitchell’s racing Sting Ray. The Q-Corvette, initiated in 1957,
envisioned a smaller, more advanced Corvette as a coupe-only model,
boasting a rear transaxle, independent rear suspension, and four-wheel
disc brakes, with the rear brakes mounted inboard. Exterior styling was
purposeful, with peaked fenders, a long nose, and a short, bobbed tail.

The Sting Ray

A rear-engined Corvette was briefly considered during 1958–60,
progressing as far as a full-scale mock-up designed around the Corvair’s
entire rear-mounted power package, including its complicated air-cooled
flat-six as an alternative to the Corvette’s usual water-cooled V-8. By
the fall of 1959, elements of the Q-Corvette and the Sting Ray Special
racer would be incorporated into experimental project XP-720, which was
the design program that led directly to the production 1963 Corvette
Sting Ray.

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