Mercer Type 35R Raceabout – Scale 1/16

Mercer Type 35R Raceabout

  • Manufactured by bandai
  • Year of manufacture: 1970’s
  • scale: 1/16

The build

Pre-owned, built complete with no instructions [lots of research] no decals, coach lined by hand [passable] great old kit, I really enjoyed the challenge, 8 week build, 2 for painting



Mercer was an American automobile manufacturer from 1909 until 1925. It was notable for its high-performance cars, especially the Type 35 Raceabout.

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Type 35R Raceabout

Type 35R Raceabout was capable of over 90 mph (140 km/h). The
Raceabout’s inline 4-cylinder T-head engine displaced 293 cubic inches
(4,800 cc) and developed 55 horsepower (41 kW) at 1,650 revolutions per
minute. It won five of the six 1911 races it was entered in, losing
only the first Indianapolis 500. Hundreds of racing victories followed.
The Raceabout became one of the premier racing thoroughbreds of the
era- highly coveted for its quality construction and exceptional

Racing Tragedy

In the 1914 road races in Elgin, Illinois, two Raceabouts collided and
wrecked. Spencer Wishart, a champion racer who always wore shirt and tie
under his overalls, was killed along with the car’s mechanic, John
Jenter. This prompted the company to cancel its racing program. The
Raceabout’s designer left the company that year, and subsequent designs
did not live up to the glory and appeal the Type-35R had earned.


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