AMT 1937 Cord 812 Convertible – scale 1/12

AMT Vintage kit circa 1979

  • 1937 Cord 812
  • Manufactured by: AMT/ERTL (USA)
  • Scale: 1:12
  • Build Time: 3 Months – lots of work

This kit is vintage AMT, it eventually builds into a beautiful large classic 37 Cord Continental, however, it is a heavily cast kit, body panels, doors, in fact everything is just , too heavy, so you’ll need lots of sandpaper, I think I sanded down nearly every part significantly enough to make a difference to the kit, however, steering rack, drive shafts and other linkages are not at all robust enough and easily broken, things don’t always line up very well either and the model when finished weighs a lot, and i mean its heavy, also AMT’s insistance on moving parts i.e.; winding windows, doors and hood opening, meant the draftsmen oversized parts of the kit to accommodate them, so there is a necessity to trim down and remodel some of these parts, windows specifically to arrive at a truly sensational looking car, and what a car, with its supercharged engine the exhaust ducts on show in all their chrome glory passing out through the sides of the engine bay into the wheel arches, the gloriously curved nose and unashamed chrome-ness, it was turning everyones head in 1937, unfortunately problems with this model have similarities to problems that beset the makers before during and after production of this stunning automobile

November 1935

The car caused a sensation at its debut at the New York Auto Show in
November 1935. The crowds were so dense, attendees stood on the bumpers
of nearby cars to get a look. Cord had rushed to build the 100 cars
needed to qualify for the show, and the transmission was not
ready. Even so, Cord took many orders at the show, promising
Christmas delivery, expecting production of 1,000 per month, but the
semi-automatic transmission was more troublesome than expected, and
25 December came and went with no cars built.

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Production Problems

Cars were not ready to deliver until February, and did not reach New
York City until April 1936. In all, Cord managed to sell only 1,174
of the new 810 in its first model year, as the result of mechanical


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Supercharging was made available on the 1937 812 model, with a
mechanically driven Schwitzer-Cummins unit. Supercharged 812 models
were distinguished from the normally aspirated 812s by the brilliant
chrome-plated external exhaust pipes mounted on each side of the hood
and grill. With supercharging, horsepower was raised to 170.


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