Revell  R.M.S. Titanic – Scale 1/400

100th anniversary edition

  • length 69.2cm
  • height 27.7cm
  • 262 parts
  • Scale 1/400
  • Build Time 250 hours
  • Painting Time 70 hours

The keel of the Titanic was laid on 31st March 1909, she would be fitted out to the highest levels of elegance and luxury for the period. Titanic was intended to become the jewel in the crown of the White Star Line’s prestigious transatlantic service

Two years later, on 31st May 1911 Titanic was launched at about 15 minutes after noon. With a length of 269,04 m, a beam of 28,19 m and a gross registered tonnage of 46,329 GRT, she was bigger than any ship ever built before and by 1912 was recognised as the largest ship in the world. 


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Titanic’s maiden voyage: began on Wednesday 10th April 1912 when she set out from Southampton for New York.

Fateful evening: On Sunday 14th April at about 23.40 hours (ship’s time), the look-out bell sounded  iceberg warnings. The ship brushed an iceberg on her starboard side and sank two hours and forty minutes after the collision in the icy waters of the Atlantic. Only 712 people survived the catastrophe and Captain Smith went down with his ship.

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