Spanish Galleon – Revell Scale 1/96

Spanish Galleon

Used kit, some damage to hull, no rigging instructions. required some minor scratch built parts. Historically drafted and manufactured by Revell. Excellent kit, on the whole a good fit, no flash but requires a fair amount of sanding, including some smaller parts, because of pronounced seaming from the moulds, which is a shame for a relatively newer kit.

  • Revell 1/96 kit
  • Height 635 mm
  • Length 724 mm
  • Number of parts 306
  • Build Time 640 hours
  • Paint time 46 hours


The Spanish Galleon

The Spanish galleon was one of the most famous ships of its type during the golden age of the sailing ship. The first galleons appeared in the middle of the sixteenth century and these popular sailing ships served as men-o’-war and merchant ships, they sailed for almost a hundred years.

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The galleons had a profound influence on shipwrights throughout the world. Their improved handling properties were clearly apparent and their basic lines were soon adopted by almost all European ship-builders. The Spanish galleons were colourfully painted and decorated with shields that were useful as well as decorative.

Detailed deck, rigging and sails


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